Australia MotionBoard Ver.6.0
Patch 10 or above
Download (98MB)
MotionBoard Ver.5.7/6.0 Download (98MB)
Unzip the downLoaded zip file, and place the data in the 'geo/geocoding' folder under the MotionBoard installation folder.
Example: [INSTALL_DIR]/geo/geocoding/03_Australia_190523.dat
You must restart MotionBoard after the data is placed.

GEO Layer
Australia Download (64MB)
Copyright Commonwealth of Australia administered by the ABS.
Unless otherwise noted, content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia licence.
Unzip the download zip file, and import the mbzip file to any folder under [Management]-[Shared Items Management]-[GEO]-[Layer Information File] via MotionBoard.